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You can have your own Website on Follow Your Dream. You can share anything that is a part of your dream. It is a permanent Website controlled by you.


Your Own Website

Pay here with any credit or debit card.

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We provide hosting, design, creation, set up, and maintenance.


A Standard Site:

A Simple design example

Monthly or quarterly

Size of the site;

4 pages    $ 20 per month

8 pages    $ 25 per month

12 pages  $ 30 per month

Set up charge $ 25

Changes or additions $10

Name example:  www.followyourdream.us/sarahjones

A Deluxe Site:

Your own .info domain name, example, www.sarahjonessite.info

Up to 15 pages

Yearly  $400.00

Set up charge $30

Sliders, More pictures

Impressive designs

2 changes per month included after setup

A Premium Site:

Example: This Follow Your Dream site, many other styles & pages are available.

Yearly  $700.00

Your own domain name (.com or .org or .net or .website), example, www.sarahjonessite.com

Up to 20 pages

Videos ,Sliders, Carousels, more pictures

More impressive designs

3 changes per month included after setup

No set up charge

When we come to an agreement you can pay me online at this Follow Your Dream homepage using PayPal with any card below. You do not need to open a PayPal account.

“The Falls”  Video, Spring Park, Tuscumbia, AL.

“The Falls”  Picture, Spring Park, Tuscumbia, AL.

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